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20 Twitter accounts worth following to receive the latest news about smart cities and data


The transformation of smart cities, or connected cities, call them whatever you like, by digital technology has emerged as a key issue in recent years. open_resource has identified twenty Twitter accounts to stay in touch with the latest digital developments in out cities.

Crédit: JINDONG H | Unsplash

1) @WorldSmartCity
The official account of the World Smart City Forum, the platform of the smart city players community. (eng)

2) @futurecitiescat
Future Cities Catapult, a UK-based organisation that networks the players in the urban landscape. The latest news about smart cities and the latest developments in their work. (eng)

3) @FutureCapeTown
Future Cape Town is an independent think-tank and the biggest platform in Africa dedicated to the promotion of democratic discussions of the future of our cities. (eng)

4) @OC_SmartCities
OC Smartcities is an international legal advice bureau specialising in issues pertaining to smart cities. It publishes the latest news about legislation and articles expressing points of view on the future of the city and the city-dweller’s place. (eng)

5) @CarlosMorenoFr
Franco-Colombian scientist and university professor, Carlos Moreno, is a renowned expert in the smart human city. (fr)

6) @ChicagoCDO
Tom Shenck is the acting Chief Data Officer in the City of Chicago. Articles on how data is used to improve citizens’ quality of life. (eng)

7) @latelier
The Atelier BNP Paribas detects breakaway innovations that herald new developments for cities and companies. (fr)

8) @theglobalgrid
The Global Grid focuses on local and international urban news, with a clear focus on smart city innovations. (eng)

9) @abhinemani
Abhi Nemani communicates on the latest technological news. His favourite subject is the use of data in citizen participation. (eng)

10) @NPRCities
The US radio station NPR’s account dedicated to innovations in the city. Focus on mobility solutions. (eng)

11) @SmartCityexpo
The official Twitter account of the Smart City Expo on 15 and 16 November in Barcelona. (eng)

12) @francispisani
This expert in smart cities and new information and communications technologies tweets on the latest international news about smart cities and new connected technologies. (fr)

13) @govtechnews
The official Tweeter account of the American Government Technologies magazine, which covers the latest news about new information technology and its integration into our cities, state by state. (eng)

14) @Citiscope
Online medium dedicated to debates on the latest innovations that are working for our cities. (eng)

15) @DataSmartCities
The American university programme of the Harvard Kennedy School that aims to engage cities and regions in order to improve their use of data in their public policies and democratic life. (eng)

16) @CityLab
A platform intended for smart city players, offering reports and analyses that concentrate on problems in search of a solution (water stress, the need for mobility, etc.). (eng)

17) @dgilford
Vice-President of the NYCEDC (New York City Economic Development Corporation) David Gilford tweets on the themes of the smart city: urban technology, energy, resilience. Data, analyses, re-tweets of specialised articles. (eng)

18) @sustaincities
A Twitter account hosted by the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), concentrating on the latest news and innovations promoting the sustainable city all over the world. (eng)

19) @BUonCities
Discussions and promotion of development strategies for the cities of the future. Re-tweets of data and interviews, news about the smart city. (eng)

20) @c40cities
A network of 40 mega-cities all over the world, taking local and collaborative action. Tweets on the progress of the smart city initiatives in the cities in the network. (eng)

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