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30 Twitter accounts to follow during COP21


Monday November 30th saw the opening of the 21st Climate Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris. Follow this event on the web as well as in the media! Here are just some 30 of the Twitter accounts you can follow for a better understanding of the issues and the latest news and discussions from COP21.

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Institutions and politicians

– Agence Paris Climat (Paris Climate Agency)
The Paris Climate Agency is an operational agency for the energy transition of Paris by 2020, which assists individuals and businesses in their plans for improving energy efficiency.

– COP21 – Paris 2015
Official account of the 21st UN Climate Change Conference.

– Christiana Figueres
Secretary-General of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since 2010, she has attended every COP since they began.

– Janos Pasztor
Assistant Secretary-General on Climate Change at the UN, his role during COP21 is to support efforts towards a universal climate agreement and to mobilise global climate action.

Laurence Tubiana
The French Ambassador responsible for negotiation at COP21, Mrs. Tubiana is an internationally renowned expert on climate issues.

Laurent Fabius
The French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, he is the President of COP21.

Paul Watkinson
Head of the climate negotiation team at the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy

– Pierre-Henri Guignard
Former spokesperson for the French Mission to the United Nations, and currently Secretary General responsible for preparing and organising COP21.

Ségolène Royal
The French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, she is a member of the COP21 steering committee.

– Solutions COP21
The official account for Solutions COP21, a free public exhibition running in parallel with the official conferences and providing an insight into climate change solutions.

Scientific experts and research centre

Anthony Hobley
CEO of Carbon Tracker, a think tank focussed on the impact of climate change on the financial markets, which studies the risks of investing in the energy sectors.

Bob Ward
Communications Director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

Gabriel Marty
Climate expert who retweets and comments on the latest scientific developments and environmental policies.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established in 1988 by the UNEP and WMO – its mission is to analyse and assess climate data.

International Energy Agency
International organisation that facilitates the coordination of the energy policies of 29 countries.

Météo & Climat (Weather & Climate)
Twitter account of the association chaired by Jean Jouzel, aiming to promote and popularise the science of the atmosphere and the climate.

Pascal Canfin
A former Minister for Development under the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he is currently Senior Advisor on International Climate Affairs at the World Resource Institute.

Philippe Joubert
Energy and climate expert with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), an organisation promoting business initiatives related to sustainable development and the circular economy.

Sarah Colenbrander
Environmental economist working with the International Institute for Environment and Development on the issues of climate change and sustainable cities.

Teresa Ribera
Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations, she chairs the advisory board of Momentum for Change, an initiative of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Tyndall Centre
British research centre dedicated to climate change


Anne-Sophie Novel
Journalist and blogger specialising in ecology and sustainable alternatives, social innovation and the collaborative economy.

Audrey Garric
Environmental journalist and assistant chief of the Planet/Science department at French newspaper Le Monde.

Lisa Friedman
Deputy Editor of American environmental publication ClimateWire.

PlaceToB Cop21
PlaceToB Cop21 is a meeting place for journalists, associations and bloggers in Paris, available for the duration of the COP21 conference.

Businesses, start-ups and associations

Benjamin Tincq
Co-founder of the OUISHARE platform dedicated to the collaborative economy.

Climate Action Network
International network of associations involved in the fight against climate change.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Established in 2010, the foundation promotes alternative and sustainable consumption, and seeks to accelerate the transition to the circular economy by demonstrating its economic potential.

A services and industrial solutions group specialised in recovering and securing resources, SUEZ is a partner of COP21.

– Hulot Foundation
Founded in 1990, the Hulot Foundation for Nature and Man promotes an acceleration of both individual and collective changes of habits, and supports environmental initiatives in order to foster energy transition.

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