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Agriculture meets connected objects in the Smart Agriculture IoT Lab


Today’s worldwide agricultural system is facing a complex problem: how to increase production to meet the needs of a constantly growing population, while water resources are becoming scarcer at the same time? On 27, 28 and 29 January, SUEZ addressed this problem by organising the Smart Agriculture loT Lab in Spain, where start-ups came together to look for new solutions to take up this challenge. A look back at the event.

El Perdigon – Espagne – Credit: Unsplash – elizabeth lies

Agricultural irrigation is the single largest consumer of water worldwide: today, 70% of water resources are used in farming. This situation presents a real challenge in certain countries, where drought and desertification are on the rise. This is the case in Spain, which has the highest consumption per inhabitant in Europe (656 m3/inhabitant/year), but is one of the poorest countries in terms of water resources (less than 3,000 m3/inhabitant/year). In 2008, the quantity of water used in agriculture, essentially for irrigation, even reached 77% of total water consumption.

An urgent need for innovative solutions

These are the reasons why, this year in Barcelona, SUEZ launched the first think tank devoted to the search for innovative and smart solutions capable of rising to the challenges that agriculture faces. The Smart Agriculture loT Lab is part of the movement towards connected objects and the Internet of Things (IoT). The event features three days of meetings and exchanges with start-ups that design tools and services capable of addressing the themes in hand to improve current irrigation systems and the management of resources, to increase the quality of harvests, while cutting costs, or to develop effective decision-support tools. The start-ups presented their projects to a jury made up of Javier Borso, the Director of the Irrigation Market in SUEZ Spain’s water activity, the expert Daniel Cardelús and Aldo de Jong, the co-founder of Claro Partners, with the possibility of entering a development partnership with the teams from SUEZ. The “Night Watch” solution, which geolocalises attacks by parasites and allows the necessary action to be taken on the crops accordingly, was declared as the winner of the event.

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