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Learn about and take part in the SUEZ Action for Water Resources call for projects (3/5)


The SUEZ Working for Water call for projects, launched on 10 September 2015, invites associations, researchers, entrepreneurs and individuals to present innovative initiatives and solutions to preserve resources; the winners will receive funding and support from SUEZ experts. Project proposals must address five key challenges that have been identified. This article, the third in a series of five, explores the third issue: sharing data on water to make the information available to all.

Credit: SUEZ

Sustainable water resource management involves having a comprehensive overview of its current situation and its evolution. A key challenge to achieving this overview is collecting data about its qualitative and quantitative status, its capacity for renewal, the impact of human activities, etc. In this respect, using new technologies means that data can be both collected continuously and returned in the greatest quantity.
Sharing the available data is in fact a key challenge in several respects. Firstly, sharing the information with the public helps raise awareness around the issues of resource conservation, including giving everyone the means to better understand and better control their consumption. Giving everyone access to data on their water is one of the services offered by the site designed by SUEZ. This platform allows everyone to find information related to the water in their city, such as the number of tests performed in the last twelve months, the nitrate or pesticide level, the mineral level, etc. In some cities, you can also find out the course, the origin or even the price of water.

The data on water can also be used in education to raise awareness about preserving it. SUEZ, in partnership with the inter-municipal association of the Cannes Basin (SICASIL), has therefore designed a serious game called “Aquacity Game”, which allows players to put themselves in the shoes of a water service manager. This management game makes people aware of the main challenges related to water in a given region by asking them to make strategic and financial decisions (investments, conservation and diversification of water resources, management of water leaks in the systems, etc.) to ensure a sustainable water service while taking into account budgetary constraints.

Lastly, sharing data on water is an important issue for research and development. This is the purpose of the European project Freshwater Information Plateform, which aims to create a solid base of shared knowledge on freshwater resources in Europe by bringing together the existing contents of various external sites, but also by giving researchers and students the opportunity to share the results of their research projects on the platform.

You can download the call for projects rules here and the application pack here.
The final selection will be made and the winner(s) announced in March 2016. The total annual budget for the call for projects is €100,000.
The jury, co-chaired by Bertrand Camus, CEO of SUEZ’s water business in France, and Serge Lepeltier, Chairman of the Académie de l’Eau and former French Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development, will include representatives from various institutions, universities and associations, as well as leading figures from within the company.
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