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Discover the 1st Open Source Circular Economy Days


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How and why to apply open source principles to the circular economy ? That is the challenge and the subject of the OSCE Days, which will begin on Thursday 11 June and which will take place simultaneously in many towns around the world until 15 June. During these 5 days, there will be a succession of workshops, conferences and debates.

The OSCE Days 2015 are organised at the initiative of a dozen celebrities with a close connection to innovative networks such as Future of Waste, OPENiT Agency, etc.: Lars Zimmerman, Erica Purvis, Timothée Gosselin… prompted by a single philosophy: “We need an ‘open source’ approach to the circular economy”.
They aim to encourage preparations for a sustainable future, of waste-resources, and products manufactured to live for several cycles, within a preserved environment.
Succeeding in the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy in fact requires open source-inspired principles, such as the transparency and exchange of information, the sharing of know-how… as Lar Zimmerman and Sam Muirhead explain in this video:

The OSCE Days are a decentralised event: in other words, everyone, in their own town, on their own scale, can create an event, a meeting, or a workshop that will enrich the planning of this event.
Examples of events include:
– in Rennes (France), debates will be held around the following issue: “How to equip and manage an open citizen fablab utilising circular economy principles?”
– in Bogota (Colombia), 5 days of debates and reflection will be devoted to the challenge of sustainable food: how to support population growth while fostering sustainable processes?

During these events, experts from different areas (technology, data, design, waste management, collaborative economy, resource management, etc.) will have the opportunity to meet. The many meeting points will enable each group to think at a local level. The simultaneous nature of the event will facilitate interaction between different towns, participants will be able to communicate and create an international dialogue. Online conferences will also be held to encourage exchanges between groups.

The event has the support of many organisations and companies, such as SUEZ environnement, the Knowledge Transfer Network, The Renewable Freedom Foundation, etc.

If you would like to participate in the 2015 OSCE Days, the list of towns involved can be found at the following address: