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“Mutations Urbaines”: urban transformation on show in Paris


The “Mutations Urbaines” exhibition, sponsored by SUEZ, will run from 14 June 2016 to 5 March 2017 at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris. This exhibition attempts to explain the transformation of our cities and the changes in the quality of urban life, and to question the role of urban dwellers, by proposing interactive tours of different cities all over the world.

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How cities are changing and impacting our life styles

In 2008, the proportion of the world’s population living in cities broke through the 50% barrier. By 2030, it will reach 60%. Urbanisation is one of the key challenges of the century: demographic growth, ageing populations, a new relationship with the environment, the spread of the use of digital data, etc. “Mutations Urbaines” showcases all of these issues.

Covering almost 1,000 m2, the exhibition is organised in 3 main sequences:
> Cities under pressure: a panorama of the major urban issues
> Urban land: a data display exhibit
> Becoming urban: innovations for the cities of the future
The exhibition hosts a multitude of immersive experiences: contemplate Hong Kong from the top of a skyscraper with the Oculus Rift headset, measure the city’s “digital pulse”, or control a remote surveillance device.

The exhibition will open in the London Museum in July 2017, before heading for the Science Centre in Singapore.

A programme of meetings and conferences

The exhibition also includes a programme of activities and conferences.
Web users can enter the “Window on the city” photo contest, and a selection of photos will be exhibited at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.
Workshops will also be organised to simulate the impact of rising water levels on coastal cities, using enhanced reality techniques.
Finally, students and young professionals will organise workshops, in which they will discuss their research in the field of urban agriculture with the general public.


If you want to better understand urban issues, check out the second issue of open_resource magazine, published by SUEZ, that focuses on the issues facing cities: “Shaping the resource-city”.

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