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Ôasys: a connected-device project to redefine home water consumption


The market of connected devices is experiencing exceptional growth, and the home is privileged territory within which start-ups and established businesses can let their imagination run wild. Ôasys, a Catalonian start-up, offers a game interface to redefine home water consumption.

According to Gartner, the number of connected devices will reach 10 billion by 2020, and nearly 80% of them will be in connected buildings and homes! This has already been demonstrated by Google’s acquisition of Nest Labs, a start-up specialised in intelligent devices, for $3.2 billion in 2014. The potential and the fields of application are unlimited: connected locks, lights, and alarms, followed by electrical usage…

At the level of the individual home, water usage is an undeveloped area. The goal of Ôasys, a Catalonian start-up created in 2014, is to redefine the connection between the home and its water use by means of a connected device.

Ôasys offers an interactive control panel that can be installed in a central area of the home. Each member of the family is then given an avatar, with which they can access their individual consumption of water in specific areas (food, hygiene, watering, etc.). The system functions via sensors installed on the shower heads, sprinkler lines, etc., to monitor the volumes of water consumed at the various stations in real time.
The Catalan company has paid particular attention to the design, but also to the sounds emitted by the interface, tailoring it to educate and entertain each member of the family.

Ôasys interface prototype

The Ôasys idea was conceived during a creativity session at the Imagine Creativity Center in California, where a dozen young people were trained by experts from global IT companies: Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Ôasys is a member of StartUpBootCamp, the European start-up accelerator, and receives support in Spain from SUEZ environnement. It will also benefit from a financing campaign on Kickstarter.

The start-up’s roadmap

If you would like to learn more about this project, Ôasys has its own Facebook page and Twitter account.