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On March 12th and 13th, in Paris, New York and Beijing, 15 personalities were sharing thoughts and experiences on the challenge of protection of natural resources

Diana Filippova

The Collaborative Revolution

Jean-Louis Chaussade

The Resource Revolution

Andrew Winston

The Big Pivot

Ms WONG Soi Man

Water Challenges In Macau

Bertrand Camus

The Resource Revolution


Individual Incentives For Better Recycling

Fabien Cousteau

La ressource en héritage

Steve Clark

The Resource Revolution

Navi Radjou

Frugal Innovation to Protect Resources

Gov. Ed Rendell

Infrastructures, How To Build a Better Future

Ms CHEN Chen

The Resource Revolution Begins At Home

Christian de Boisredon

Positive Innovation to Preserve Resources

Dr. Michael Lomax

The Infinite Resources of The Mind

Mr SHI Shusi

Growing Environmental Awareness

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