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Smart Water: the intelligent way of preserving and optimizing water consumption


Industrial computing has become essential for protecting water resources. Smart Water solutions control the whole water circulation system without human intervention and in real time. This enables meters to be read, water storage management to be adjusted depending on weather conditions as well as monitoring the network itself.

One of the most effective ways of controlling the network lies in smart metering, i.e. by automatically reading consumption. Ondeo Systems has installed such a solution in Malta in order to combat leaks. Because it is an island controlling the water is a constant challenge, exacerbated during the summer months when tourists throng the archipelago. Therefore, stopping leaks is a priority. As most of them are “invisible”, a remote consumption monitoring system was deployed throughout the network. Meters transmit consumption figures several times a day to identify remote leaks which can then be repaired. Centralising this information enables the status of the Maltese water system to be viewed globally, allowing the authorities to take any appropriate measures to prevent shortages. Consumers also find this attractive since their bills are issued in real time rather than being based on estimates.

© SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT / William Daniels

Such intelligent systems are also used to monitor the overall condition of drinking water systems or to optimize the management of rainwater using solutions developed by SUEZ environnement. AquadvancedTM enables the properties of the drinking water network to be monitored in real time using sensors that anticipate anomalies and respond to water quality or pressure problems. Is there too much chlorine in the water? Has there been a fall in pressure? An alert is sent immediately and the problem – analysed and located immediately and precisely – can be resolved as soon as possible and monitored step by step through a simulation of the corrective action plan to be implemented. With INFLUXTM, it is possible to predict rainy periods, and thus adapt the infrastructure and mobilise its storage capacity in the right place at the right time. Specifically, the solution provides a comprehensive view of the wastewater system that benefits from a trend forecasting system covering the next six hours when rain is imminent and then implements an optimal storage management strategy.

Created by SUEZ environnement, the first “Smart Operation Center” in Europe has also just been inaugurated with the aim of monitoring a remote reading infrastructure on a continuous basis and Smart Water solutions at the international level. It guarantees the performance of the entire infrastructure and the distribution of reliable and timely information to local authorities and water service operators.

According to the Lux Research organisation, the global market for Smart Water could represent $16 billion by 2020. Smart Water is revolutionizing the management of water resources – and this is only just the start!