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The IRD development research institute is putting the “climate under surveillance” with its awareness campaign for young people and the general public


With COP21 just a few weeks away, more and more operations are being carried out to raise awareness on climate issues. With its original approach, the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), a research institute that aims to contribute towards the social, economic and cultural development of countries from the South, is launching its campaign: “The climate under surveillance”.

Credit: Thinkstock – Shaiith

People tend to take more of an interest and remember things better when they are having fun. This is the rationale behind the IRD’s approach, launching “ The climate under surveillance ” awareness operation in October for schoolchildren and the general public. With this campaign, the IRD is looking to initiate dialogue, through forums and social media, between the general public and its researchers, making it possible to discover how climate disruption is impacting various types of environment.
Seven environments are presented: cities, forests, rivers, arid zones, mountains, oceans and, lastly, islands, which are particularly exposed to the impacts of climate change. On the operation’s dedicated digital platform, the IRD is publishing explanatory videos and document-based resources for each of these environments in order to understand the climate phenomena involved (monsoon, carbon cycle, etc.).

Credit: Youtube – IRD

The site combines interviews with researchers and fun videos, with characters representing the various measurement instruments: a swell gauge, a drone, a current-meter, a lidar, a rain-gauge, a buoy and a weather station. The weather station, nicknamed “Stacy Meteo”, is the project’s mascot and has her own Facebook page , where she shares the IRD’s latest news and general climate information.

This awareness campaign is not being rolled out exclusively online. It also includes various events, involving young French speakers from France, Africa and Latin America, invited to kick off a review process looking at climate change and its environmental impact. They will be invited to take part in five challenges and their findings could be presented at COP22 in Morocco in 2016.

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