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The OSCE Days, or when the circular economy meets open source!


The second Open Source Circular Economy Days will take place between 9 and 13 June 2016. Volunteer partners in various cities all over the world will organise workshops, conferences and debates on how to change from a linear economy to a circular economy of resources, thanks to the collaboration made possible by open source. A focus on the workshops that will be held in the Paris region at the instigation of SUEZ and MakeSense.

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The OSCE Days are a decentralised event, in which businesses, NGOs and individuals can organise events, meetings or workshops, in their own town and on their own scale, that will add to the wealth of content of this worldwide happening.

After sponsoring the first OSCE Days in 2015 through the Future of Waste* programme, SUEZ is again teaming up with the operation this year by organising two workshops that will bring together experts from the Group, socially responsible entrepreneurs, companies and external experts to address the challenges of waste management. The results of these debates will obviously be published in open source! 

Two workshops on the themes of raising public awareness and food waste

The first event organised by SUEZ will take place on 12 June at the Friche Miko in Bobigny. The challenge? To imagine a game, along the lines of a conventional board game, in which the players take on roles from the world of waste management. The game will teach the players about the mechanisms of waste collection, sorting and recycling. Once it is ready, the game will be made available for downloading and printing free of charge.

Individuals and professionals from different walks of life will take part in the workshop to design the game, including managers from the Sustainable Development department and experts in recycling and recovery from SUEZ, socially responsible entrepreneurs from the world of video gaming, players … The workshop will be animated by GameImpact, experts in collaborative and playful creation of video and board games.

The second event will take place on 13 June at SUEZ headquarters. The participants will be tasked with imagining solutions to reduce food waste in all the company canteens in Europe’s biggest business centre: La Défense, in Paris!
While food waste is a major issue in our societies (in France alone, 10 million tonnes of food waste are produced every year), the participants will focus their discussions on two themes:
– optimising the supply chain and raising awareness to reduce waste upstream,
– and/or the development of food donations or doggy bags.

The workshop’s findings and ideas will then be shared with all the canteens in La Défense.

MakeSense and the OSCE Days in Bobigny

As the co-organiser of the Future of Waste programme with SUEZ, MakeSense will attend the workshops organised by the Group, but is also organising other events in the town of Bobigny, near Paris.
These events will not be intended exclusively for experts, but for residents too, in an effort to make the general public more aware of the benefits of open source.
Here is a selection of the workshops:
The GiveBox: Upcycly and La communauté de l’objet will invite the audience to build a GiveBox, a local, free and sustainable place, where the inhabitants of the Seine-Saint-Denis department can exchange objects.
Building mobile sorting modules: the NGO Amelior will build mobile sorting bins that will make easier for waste collectors to sort, store and transport the different flows of waste at the end of the market.
Melting aluminium parts to make wind turbines: Barnabé Chaillot and Bellastock will build wind turbines from parts recovered from artisanal aluminium foundries.
Composting with the compost school, Sikana and Activille, better understand the composting process, learn how to use composting toilets or how to build a compost-fired water heater.

More workshops and training sessions are being prepared!
To find out more about the OSCE Days, go to:

* In 2014, SUEZ and MakeSense joined forces to develop a programme to mobilise citizens around alternative solutions to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost waste.

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