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The SUEZ Collaborative Tour: rising to local challenges together


The goal of the SUEZ Collaborative Tour, launched in 2016, is to co-build innovative partnerships within the regions. The original format – half a day of pitches and round tables – identifies opportunities for collaboration with social and environmental entrepreneurs to collectively address the social and environmental challenges facing a region.

A look back in images at the first five events, in the Hauts-de-Seine, Lyon, the Val-de-Marne (France), Bordeaux and Nantes

#5 SUEZ Collaborative Tour : Nantes

#4 SUEZ Collaborative Tour : Bordeaux

#3 SUEZ Collaborative Tour : Hauts-de-Seine

#2 SUEZ Collaborative Tour : Lyon

#1 SUEZ Collaborative Tour : Val-de-Marne

Learn more about the SUEZ Collaborative Tour with the interview of Pascale Guiffant, SUEZ’s Deputy Director of Sustainable Development.

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